Meet Honey Soles.

Comfort insoles with style and substance.  

Honey Soles approached Impel Studio to design and develop their first product, which was successfully launched on in October of 2015 (1,155% funded by 1000+ backers).

Our mission to create high quality, supportive, and comfortable insoles began through extensive anthropometric studies and testing. Engineered with a multi-layered design, these insoles provide just the right blend of support and cushioning for each region of the foot as it moves through every stride.  

A durable molded cork-rubber composite footbed provides a stable yet flexible foundation, cupping the heel and supporting the arch to lessen foot and lower back pain that results from common issues like plantar fasciitis and over-pronation. Atop the composite footbed lies a proprietary memory foam layer that absorbs impacts from walking on hard paved surfaces. To top it all off, an all-natural cork layer conforms comfortably to your foot over time and supports a sock-less style.