Meet Gemio.

Gemio is the most fun jewelry you'll ever wear. It's a new form of self-expression and social networking with friends. Endlessly customizable and packed with tech, it's a friendship bracelet for the 21st century.

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The color and pattern of light that Gemio displays can be set and customized in a companion app and website. An array of
on-board sensors lets Gemio respond to your hand gestures, the beat of your music, and even the color of your shirt.

In concert with Gemio's team of hardware engineers, Impel developed a unique architecture of curved rigid segments and flexible joints to house 18 RGB LEDs within a low-profile band that comfortably fits a wide range of wrist sizes. 

A myriad variety of gem sets snap on and off, transforming the bracelet's look and feel to fit any style: printed, plated, even encrusted with cubic zirconia. Gemio is even better with friends. With BTLE connectivity, your bracelet will flash to let you know your BFF is nearby. Pairing bracelets in real life with real friends lets kids create a safe and secure social network to communicate online.