As iced coffee consumption continues to grow, and the world catches on to the growing trend of Cold Brewed Coffee, Primula is well positioned to capture the excitement with a premium solution to making coffee this way at home.  Cold brewing coffee (infusing grounds in cold water for up to 16 hours) is the preferred method for making iced coffee beverages and other coffee-based recipes.  The result is a sweet, rich, highly-caffeinated concentrate that has 65% less acidity than a regular hot brewed cup of coffee.

Impel Studio tested the few existing competitive products available at the time, and found that none of them provided the level of functionality and convenience expected in a matured, mass-market consumer product.  The result of our rigorous development process is the Cold Brew Carafe, the Pace Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and the Cold Brew Bottle - all timelessly handsome, simple to use and clean, and designed for seamless integration into your daily caffeination routine.