Cooc is equipped with a collection of technologies that allow you to create kitchen miracles. 

Thermal Probe

In addition to the thermostat in the base, a tethered probe thermometer can be inserted through a self-sealing aperture in the lid, taking internal temperature readings that precisely control heating power. A dishwasher-safe detachable probe and retractable cable keep things neat and clean.


A solid state 50W Peltier effect Thermoelectric cooling chip keeps cold food in the pot safely chilled from morning until it’s time to start cooking after noon.

Induction Heating

Heat is generated via an 1800W induction coil, for efficient and fast heat input. Dual thermostats control heating.  The induction coil excites the atoms in the thick stainless steel interior layer, heating only the metal of the interior wall while the bottom stays cool to the touch.


Weight Sensor

Under the glass there’s a scale so Cooc knows when your rice is done cooking, and you can track the evaporation of a stock or sauce while you’re away.  For recipes that measure by weight, you can tare the scale and add ingredients directly to the pot without pre-measuring. When the pot is removed, the entire ceramic-glass cooktop is also a handy kitchen scale.  


Inspired by thermal cookers (popular in times past and in places where access to electricity is not widespread), the pot is vacuum insulated, double walled stainless steel. This insulates the food inside for decreased energy consumption during cooking and better temperature consistency. The bottom and sides of the pot are insulated from the interior, so food stays hot for hours, the exterior stays cool to the touch, and it can be set down anywhere without a trivet.


WiFi Internet Connection

A wireless connection allows you to monitor and control the Cooc right on your phone, from the couch, the gym or the office - anywhere there’s an internet connection.